Managing Director, Norman Tempest recently spoke to journalist Kit Roberts about the government’s new ‘Leveling Up’ scheme and how the rise in cost of energy will impact Royal Stafford.

The city of Stoke-on-Trent is looking to receive £56 million due to the scheme . The money from this investment will benefit local projects such as The Good’s Yard and Etruscan Square, as well as an additional £29 million being invested into improving Stoke’s infrastructure.

The Sentinel wanted to know how Norman Tempest felt about the ‘Leveling Up’ scheme and whether or not the investment would affect Royal Stafford’s business, and he was more than happy to share his beliefs with them.

He said: “I am more than hopeful – I am positively confident for the future and for our factory in Burslem. We employ 90 people at Royal Stafford and we have a strong order book for the summer due to the fact that we make things that people want to buy. You need to have a strong demand for your products to be able to sustain business through a period like this.”

He also believes that an investment in transportation would greatly benefit the community. Mr. Tempest would also like to see better houses that are affordable with play areas for kids an integral part of the schemes, as he feels living in a well-designed, well-organised space can give people a sense of pride and the foundation for developing a community spirit.

The entirety of Mr. Tempest’s interview, along with a variety of other Stoke-on-Trent residents, is available on The Sentinel Website:

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