New Ocean Blue Collection Makes a Splash

Royal Stafford’s new Ocean Blue Range is SHORE to make a wonderful gift for any ocean lover. Our deTAILed sea creature designs make this collection unique and whether you’re decorating your beach house or keeping that sea-side feeling alive in your home – our Ocean Blue collection will make you as HAPPY AS A CLAM without the need to SHELL out your hard earned cash.

Our collection consists of a 28cm Dinner Plate featuring an octopus and a lobster, a 21cm pufferfish Side Plate (or a tetraodontidae for all those ocean buffs out there), a 19cm Cereal Bowl decorated with a seahorse design, and a mug where our little octopus makes another appearance.

So what are you FLOUNDERING around for? Grab our brand new designs that will keep you AFLOAT in the Summer months.

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