Shop Reopening!

Shop Reopening!

As of today, Monday, October 12th, Royal Stafford and Factory Shop has reopened since closing for the lockdown in March.

For the past week, our wonderful ladies in the shop have been working hard to sanitise and organise so that we are clean and safe for you our customers. We’ve also put some rules in place to keep both our customers and our staff protected;

1. You must ring the bell on the door and wait to be let in by a member of staff

2. Face masks are mandatory

3. Hand sanitizer or disposable gloves are available for those who wish to purchase items

4. Toilets will be closed

5. Refreshments will not be available from the cafe

We’re also going to be setting some rules up specifically for the Ceramic Cafe so the creative people out there can finally come and paint themselves a masterpiece (we’ve definitely missed seeing all the different ware our customers paint)

We’re so happy that we’re able to reopen and we can’t wait to see you all back in the shop!

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