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Christmas Has Come to Royal Stafford

Royal Stafford has finally got their Christmas stock in our Burslem Factory Shop! We have our Christmas Story Collection available such as Christmas Home, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning; along with some new patterns like Christmas Toy Shop where it features a Victorian street complete with passers-by looking into the window of a festive Toy […]

Norman Tempest Believes Businesses Will Stay Strong During Brexit

. Our own Managing Director Norman Tempest has made the news again, but this time he featured on the BBC News and Radio! Royal Stafford is able to make 60,000 pieces of ware a week with a staff of 90 people despite the delayed Brexit decisions trying to drag UK businesses down. When asked about […]

Fearless Hailstone Optimism

Some of you may have noticed the large printed words on the side of our factory wall. It’s hard not to miss them really – unless you’ve lost your glasses or have a sore neck that stops you from looking around (you should really get that checked out you know). All over Stoke-on-Trent, poetic phrases […]


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