Royal Stafford is based in the Royal Overhouse Manufactory, one of the oldest pottery factories in Burslem, the Mother Town of the Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent. The Royal Stafford brand was established in 1845 and is recognised around the world as providing high quality, beautiful tableware.

Royal Stafford today is an industry leader in the manufacturing of English cream-coloured earthenware, a traditional Staffordshire product. We are one of only a handful of potteries where all production still takes place in England. Whilst some techniques now have a helping hand from technology, a lot of the production is still done by hand, by our skilled local potters.

Every piece of pottery from Royal Stafford is produced with attention to detail and a lot of love and care.

Records indicate that the Royal Overhouse Manufactory site was in use in 1787 and operated by Thomas Wedgwood. Edward Challinor took over the factory in 1819. In 1869, the old works were entirely taken down and Edward Challinor erected a new and extensive manufactory with all of the latest improvements of machinery and appliances, the jiggers all being driven by steam-power. The rebuilding was commemorated in ornamental scroll stonework over the entrance:

‘Edward Challinor commenced business here A.D. 1819, and rebuilt the premises A.D. 1869.’ You can still find this stonework over the factory gates today.

Royal Stafford can be bought from retailers around the world; from the UK to North America and South Korea.

Please note: There used to be a company called Royal Stafford China but they went out of business in 1992 and we do not have any historical information on their patterns or dates. Our company only makes high-fired English Earthenware since 1994.

We hope you love the selection of gifts and tableware on our online shop just as much as we do and cherish them for generations to come.

Searching vintage Royal Stafford pieces

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