Why buy British?

Royal Stafford is one of the very few factories remaining in England where all production still takes place in Stoke-on-Trent. Every product you purchase from us is guaranteed to have been made in the heart of the potteries.

We’re passionate about supporting British manufacturing. Increasingly in the UK, brands give the ‘impression’ that their products are made in England by using taglines such as ‘designed in England’ or ‘designed and decorated in England’. In reality, they purchase and import cheaper blank mugs and tableware into the UK then either decorate them here and send them out or buy them in completed and then use ‘designed in England’ as a selling point. However, we don’t think the savvy British public are fooled!

So, what are the benefits of buying a wholly British made product? 

If you buy British, you are helping to support the UK economy, investing in UK growth and employment. You will also be helping to preserve the rich heritage of the potteries, ensuring that skills and techniques of an age old industry are retained for generations to come. The people we employ are skilled workers; craftsmen and women who expertly create our ranges of tableware and mugs just for you. We source the best possible materials, our clay comes from the South of England.

We won’t win the battle for making ‘cheap’ products but we certainly can for  providing exceptional quality, beautiful designs and durability at a fair price. We are not interested in making the cheapest products we can, we’re interested in creating beautiful items for the home that will be treasured and used for generations. We believe in beautiful design and excellent quality with the added bonus that all of our products are Made in England!


(photo courtesy of John Muggenborg)

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  1. We have just returned from trip to Uk and we went to Royal Stafford shop / cafe, amongst other potteries
    We were disappointed not to be able to see firsts and current ranges anywhere and were not directed to a point of sale where they might be available to see / handle prior to purchase.Where is royal stafford stocked in Australia?. We did bring home some English made china but were saddened to see so many Manufactoring overseas. Is royal Stafford only available online?
    Kind regards
    Gina Grimes

    Gina Grimes
    October 12, 2016 Reply
    • Hello Gina,
      Thank you for your comments/feedback.
      Royal Stafford is proud of it is roots and the fact that the fine English Earthenware is produced by its hard working local staff.
      The Royal Stafford Factory Shop is just a SECONDS Factory Shop. It has only been and will only be SECONDS that are sold in there. This is the ware in there is excellent value for money.
      The best way to purchase BEST items from overseas is to purchase them through our Online Shop – http://www.royalstafford.co.uk/shop or by contacting our Factory Shop and taking advantage of the mail order service that they offer. (the prices will be higher as it is BEST ware) +44 1782 525419 Monday to Saturday 9:30am – 5:00pm (GMT).
      If you have any other comments/questions, please do let us know.
      Kind regards,
      RST Ltd., t/a Royal Stafford

      Matt Goodwin
      October 14, 2016 Reply

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